...The Eva Stories present: 
Storytelling Nights by Contemporary Women in Amsterdam

How would the world be if all women had told their own stories?  We don't know, right? 
Because it didn't really go like that.

_Luana Ferreira_

I started collecting stories

The idea for this project came in 2013, when my grandmother started to loose memory.  I realised I knew very little about her, her mom and the ones who came before us.  My grandmother never felt comfortable to share her youth stories with the family. Talking to my girlfriends, I found out that they also knew little about what went on two, three generations before them. I started to collect these stories back then.  In the process realising that most of the stories I came across were told by her father, her husband, her brother. The idea kicked me for the first time that, actually since Eva, women aren't really voicing their own stories. But what would happen if they'd have?  This question was burning in me for some time. I felt a call, something needed to be done. 

It is a platform that stimulates

From this perception that many women in the past didn't tell their own story and it has had an impact on how the world   turns, The Eva Stories (TES) was born. It is a platform that stimulate women to tell their own stories through media, music, (web) series of storytelling, trainings and retreats in creative thinking, creative thinking, production, and performance.

The Eva stories video's

Change Makers Series
Luana Ferreira:
Art is made out of Stories

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Bison Caravan:
Festival Música da Alma.
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The Eva Stories

The Eva Stories:
Tales for Contemporary Women.
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Telling your story is important

It helps to reframe habits, to change patterns of behaviour, to give another meaning to experiences you’ve lived. Telling your story has an impact on the lives of your   (grand) mothers, -fathers, (grand) daughters, -sons, sisters, brothers, cousins, colleagues, bosses and friends. It has an impact on the way the world is portrayed. Our women ancestors were not able to tell their stories, but we can. And the best way to do it is together. So join us! Tell your story! Or help other women to do so, if you have the means. Come to our events. Link us to your contacts in the press. Get in touch if you know women who have a story to tell. Join our next workshops, training weekends or retreats (coming soon!). Or support us by sponsoring the cause, a night or a storyteller . Your help is important to contribute for gender balance in fact: for each woman who didn't tell her story in the past, we want to encourage one to tell it now. By supporting our program you are ensuring that, at least, 48 women are able to tell their own stories in 2020. 

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Upcoming events
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